Super-chargers or Turbo-chargers – Which is better and what’s the difference?

Forced induction, that’s what both these chargers are designed for, literally force air into your engine. The more air you can get into your engine, the more power your car will make.
Is it better to go supercharged, a custom turbo kit or an off the shelf turbo kit? They are different in terms of how they operate, performance and cost.

What is a supercharger?

A supercharger is a unit that bolts to your engine and connects with a belt between your crankshaft and the supercharger unit. As the engine runs, it rotates the supercharger and makes the supercharger force air into the engine. The size of the pulleys determines how much boost you will make. The supercharger is limited by it's efficiency, so if you overboost the supercharger, it will blow hot air into your engine and you will not make more power. Since the engine needs to literally drive the supercharger, it is not as efficient as you need to use horsepower to make horsepower.
A supercharger doesn't need exhaust gas, it is attached to the engine and rotates synchronously with the crankshaft. When the crankshaft turns the supercharger, it forces air into the intake system. A Supercharger does not create full boost until reached max rpm, which is when the engine is spinning the supercharger as fast as possible.

What is a turbo?

A turbo is similar to a supercharger, except it has an exhaust housing instead of a pulley, and runs off of your exhaust gasses. As your car produces exhaust, the exhaust gas spins the turbine which causes the compressor to force air into the engine. A turbo is more efficient than a supercharger since your engine does not need to work harder to power the turbo. Because a turbo is not connected directly to the engine, it can spin much faster than a supercharger.
A turbo is located in the exhaust, the gasses makes rotate one end of the unit the turbine, which makes the other end the compressor side rotate too. This side is connected to the intake manifold and forces air into the intake system, therefore creating air pressure. The turbo is very efficient as it doesn't require engine power to run it, so it makes more power per boost.

Turbo or Supercharger, it's also a personal preference. Both can produce lots of power, both feel great, but the way they deliver power and torque is different and they sound different. Both are reliable depending on the installation and the overall set up.